VMware's management client for iPad available

VMware's management client for iPad availableVMware's management client for iPad available: " VMware has released the vSphere Client for iPad, with which IT staff will be able to monitor and manage their virtualized infrastructure.



Building iOS apps

A few months ago, we provide our technicians with iPad's to help them be a bit more productive.  The overall goal was to give the technician the ability to view and edit their work orders on the go.  Typically they would either stop off at a computer in the building or print them off at their desk.  After purchasing the iPad's we got the enterprise developer package to start building our own apps.  Off hand we don't have any experiencing programming Objective-C, but we decided to build our apps using Titanium from Appcelerator.

Titanium allows you to create iOS, Android and Blackberry apps using HTML and Javascript from API's they provide.  We just deployed our first app's to our tech's last week.  Styling is still a little rough, but functionality is there for all the basic needs right now.  Future versions are in the works, but we want to get our tech's rolling with some useful for now.

We also provided our tech's with a Directory app to lookup Staff and Students as necessary which will later be incorporated into the Work Order App.