GaPoSh v0.04 Released! Over 50 Commands Available!

I've released a new version of GaPoSh! There are now 50+ commands available to manage Google Apps, and more to come in the future.  Some of future releases will focus on ensuring all the commands work to their full potential. Please provide any input you may have on the client by putting in issue requests. Enjoy!

GaPoSh v0.04


Google Apps Powershell Client (GaPoSh) v0.01 Alpha

I've posted the initial build of the powershell snappin for managing Google Apps. It currently only pulls user information, but definitely more to come along with refactoring. Keep in mind this project is just starting so you may run into issues. If you have an suggestion please post them into the issues area of the project or contact me.



Google Apps Powershell Client in the works

Many administrators find that powershell is an incredible resource to managing Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, and more. So with that in mind why not Google Apps. I'm working on building a powershell client with the Google Apps DotNet Client.  The idea is to provide a way for administrators to control their users, groups, drive, and other resources. Keep an eye out for progress by being made in the near future.


Network Booting

If you need a quick way to bring up a PXE Boot Server, I suggest checking out "Ultimate Deployment Appliance". Out of the box you can add storage, iso to boot, and setup templates.  I needed it to setup a server that I didn't have a optical drive or usb drive for. Works great, check it out

Ultimate Deployment Appliance



Using a service account with Google Api's

The Google API pages aren't the best thing in the world when try to figure out how to do something if you new to it. But this page tells the whole story for how to use a service account with Google Apps Api's


Google Discovery Service with .NET

I've been working on updating our Google Apps Library using the .NET (dot net) Google API library which allows you to use the new Admin SDK Service.

The .net client provides a service generator for the discovery api's, allowing you to quickly integrate it in to your project. Below are some links for referense

Google API .NET Client
Google API .NET Samples
Service Generator
Discovery Service
Discovery Service Check

To build the Directory API Service with the Service generator you can do the following.

Open the Command Prompt
ServiceGenerator.exe -cs url ""

This will generate the source, dll library, and xml doc.

Have fun!


Job Update

I've been slacking in posting lately, time to get back on board here.  Back in January, I took a job offer for a company called Tools4ever. In the past 4 months, I've been working clients in dealing with identity management.  The core product we leverage is called UMRA (User Management Resource Administrator). This product allows us and our clients to building automation projects that can automate the building and managing of users based of data from a data source like an SIS or HRMS. Be on the look out in the near future for me posting articles on how product can be used in many different situations.

UMRA Product Info