Using a service account with Google Api's

The Google API pages aren't the best thing in the world when try to figure out how to do something if you new to it. But this page tells the whole story for how to use a service account with Google Apps Api's


Google Discovery Service with .NET

I've been working on updating our Google Apps Library using the .NET (dot net) Google API library which allows you to use the new Admin SDK Service.

The .net client provides a service generator for the discovery api's, allowing you to quickly integrate it in to your project. Below are some links for referense

Google API .NET Client
Google API .NET Samples
Service Generator
Discovery Service
Discovery Service Check

To build the Directory API Service with the Service generator you can do the following.

Open the Command Prompt
ServiceGenerator.exe -cs url ""

This will generate the source, dll library, and xml doc.

Have fun!