Building a better experience

Before the holidays started, I was provided the idea of creating a replacement Point of Sale platform for Education. Many school districts have shared with me their disappoint in their current platform in which they are paying for, with no sign of improvements coming down the road.  With that my current side project is developing a solution that can manage those payments from students and faculty.  The concept behind it is to make it simple and easy to use with the flexibility to adapt our applications their current POS integrates with. An example with the Library Management System with fines for books.

Currently I hope to provide an open demo for everyone by the beginning of May.  The holidays and consultancy projects have taken up most of my take as of late, but it's time to get back on track. Below you'll find some examples of the current development, all of it currently is very rough. The overall look and feel of the product will be driven by the users once I can provide a hands-on demo.