Google API Integration - Part 2

Working to integrate better with our portal and not worry about users passwords. I have used OAuth with PHP to create a channel between our portal and Google Apps.

First thing you need to do is setup OAuth Access on Google Apps.

1. Open Google Apps Control Panel
2. Click Advanced Tools
3. Click Manage OAuth Domain Key
4. Follow steps to provide you a OAuth Consumer Secret.

Integrating with PHP
Check out this site for example code to integrate into Google API’s with OAuth


Google API Integration

During this move to Google Apps to replace our current Email Solution, I started to dig into the API’s to see what kind of integration we could get to make it easier for staff.  One of the big things we could never do with FirstClass is the ability to use our Single Sign-on (CAS).  This abillity allows us to have our users login once and go straight to their Inbox from our portal. Using the Gmail API’s you can get can unread count of mail in the Inbox, and on top of that you can filter it by Labels using the following links
Unread Mail Feed
Unread Mail Feed, filtering by Label
Very cool stuff.  Also, you can embed your Google Calendar onto any website. If you goto calendar settings you can customize the calendar look and it will give you embedded code to put on your page. Below you can see our quick concepts on this.