Replacement Hard Drives for XRAID

Currently I'm working on rebuilding our web storage infrastructure for our District. Currently we have 6 XRAID's that have 40,000+ hours on the drives and aren't currently being used right now.  I was in need of DAS to setup my Gluster Cluster, so I decided repurposing these would be the cheapest and most efficient solution.

As some of may know, XRAID's support up to 750GB per drive and require IDE drives.  Finding a 750GB is fairly easy, finding a abundance of these, not so much.  When you do find these drives, they usually range from $150-250 per drive.  So, I started to do some research to see what is out there.  I ran across one article on replacing the drives with notebook drives and IDE to SATA adapter. I then decided to try it out, ordered up one Startech IDE to SATA adapter and a Seagate Momentum 750gb 7200rpm notebook drive.  

The parts arrived, I got to work.  Connected up the adapter and power splitter. Connected the drive, and found that I could throw in one screw and some tape to hold the power in place, and then we were all done.  Slid the module into the XRaid and we were on our way.  

We are currently in process of getting this all ordered and running, I'll post up any updates on the process. 



  1. so how did this project turn out? Any problems? also what about the "apple firmware" that I keep reading about. Did you have to do anything special to these drives or just put them in and configure the raid in the xraid admin panel

  2. I'm wondering about this too... I keep reading contradicting info about whether the firmware is really a dealbreaker or not. Some feedback, please!

  3. I have not experienced any issues with non-apple drives. I've had these drives running in production for a couple of months now with no issues.

  4. Michael, Hi. I have one Xraid that is in Mint condition and I want to change the drives to use the Notebook SATA drives but I read in a couple of sites that if I use that IDE to Sata configuration I may have command-errors and the XRAID will deny the hard drive. Are you having any issue like this? And second, If your system is working perfectly well which drive exactly you are using? Thanks a lot. Sam