Gitorious Server: Build your own

For those who like the way GitHub or Gitorious works, there is good news!  You can run your own Gitorious server to host a public and/or private git repository.  I currently have a Gitorious server running in the hopes of forming an area where local school district's can share their coding projects, data mining procedures, and other related systems information.  I have more information on this project at a later date, which will allow Districts to participate in the project.

On to what I wanted to talk about.  Setting up a Gitorious server isn't too hard as long as you have a grasp on building a linux server.  I've current running our server on Ubuntu 9.10 and is working well in a virtual environment.

For installation I suggest you start with this write-up provided by the group.

You may find some issues with ruby gems, and you just need check out the rubygems community for different versions of ruby gems

You can also check out this tutorial for additional information on building ruby from the source.

After a couple of hours, you can have your own public/private git repo up and running.  If you aren't sure how git works or want to get some more information I suggest checking out this website.  This will walk you through how the version control system works and how you can leverage it in your own environment.

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