Vsphere 5 Web Client Issues

We upgraded from ESX 2.5 to Vsphere 5, after logging into the Vsphere 5 Web Client I was prompted with a error that stated it couldn't find the Inventory Service. Here are the steps to resolve that issue.

- Stop the vCenter Inventory Service.
- From the Windows Start menu, select Administrative Tools > Services.
- Right-click vCenter Inventory Service and select Stop.
- Open a command prompt.
- Delete the entire contents of the Inventory_Service_Directory/data directory.
- The location of the Inventory Service directory is specified during the vCenter Server installation.
- Change directory to Inventory_Service_directory/scripts
For example, if you installed vCenter Inventory Service in the default location, run    this command.
cd /Program Files/VMware/Infrastructure/Inventory Service/scripts
- Run the createDB.bat command, with no arguments, to reset the vCenter Inventory Service database.
- Run the register.bat command to update the stored configuration information of the Inventory Service.
register.bat current_vCenter_Server_fully_qualified_domain_name vCenter_Server_HTTPS_port
For example, if the vCenter Server fully qualified domain name is and the HTTPS port is 443, run this command.
register.bat 443
- Restart the vCenter Inventory Service and Vsphere Web Client

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