MONyog & GrayLog2

So, I've discovered and started using two new tools this week. First, I wanted to audit some of things going on with my mySQL server, and I ended up finding MONyog.  This tool allows you to see what queries are being run, counts on them, analytics on queries, and more.  The trial is 30 days long, but the overall price is pretty inexpensive for the most part.  It has helped me track down some connections that were being refused and track what data is being used the most.

The second tool I would like to share is Graylog2. If you're looking for a centralized syslog server, but don't want to pony up some dough, then I suggest checking this one out.  I ended up using this turnkey solution for Graylog2 by running it in VM called PartyLog.  Another one that is note worthy, but I haven't played much of any with it is LogStash

I found these tools pretty helpful, at no cost. MONyog has a cost if you need to use it beyond the trial, but still worth a look.

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